Best Hair Extensions Chicago: 5 Tips for Choosing a Hair Extension Specialist

Best Hair Extensions Chicago Offers

Get the Best Hair Extensions Chicago Offers

Are you a woman desiring the best hair extensions Chicago has to offer? Plenty of ladies living in Lakeview, Gold Coast, South Loop or Northshore want to have longer or fuller locks.  With so many hairdressers offering to elongate hair, it’s really smart to understand which methods actually work. Online reviews can’t always be trusted because anyone can create false content to skew opinions. That is why it should be a top priority to seriously know the establishment which will be transforming your appearance. Our salon suggests using these 5 tips when choosing an extensions specialist.

Look for a Certified Hair Extension Stylist.

When a hair stylist attends cosmetology school, they learn how to shampoo your hair, cut it, color it and perm it. However, they do not learn anything about hair extensions. They do not learn how to apply them, what techniques are best for which hair types, how to maintain them or how to cut or color them. These techniques are typically learned through hair extension courses. They may be offered at cosmetology schools or by hair extension manufacturers. Regardless, when you are looking to obtain hair extensions, always look for a stylist or specialist who is certified to apply them using the method you desire. If they are not, they may not properly be applying them, which can shorten the life of the extension and cause damage to your natural hair.

Get Referrals.

Hair Extensions MethodAnother tip for choosing a hair extension specialist is to ask people you know in real life which hair salon they recommend for extensions. Many online review services can be skewed as some companies pay people to post glowing reviews. Asking people, you know in real life who they use and trust will help ensure that the feedback you are receiving is real and not fake. The feedback you receive from friends and family can help you hone in on a hair salon in Chicago for your extensions.

Find One That Offers a Free Consultation.

Hair extensions can do so much for you. Lengthening your hair can transform the shape of your face, give you confidence and make you feel beautiful. But hiring a hair extension specialist is a bit more complicated than hiring someone to cut or color your hair. The costs involved are also significantly more. As such, many salons that offer this service offer free consultations. During this consultation, you have the opportunity to meet with a specialist and discuss them with her or him. You can explain to her what look you are after, what your budget is and how little or much maintenance you are willing to put into maintaining them. Based on that, the specialist should be able to recommend the type of hair extensions and the installation method that is right for you. They should be able to describe in detail why it is the best option for you and give you the opportunity to feel the hair type that they are recommending.

Taking part in these consultations before you obtain hair extensions can be extremely important for you, the customer. You can get a feel for how knowledgeable the specialist appears to be and ensure you are satisfied with the product they are recommending you use. Also, you get the chance to learn about the technique they recommend and research it before you agree to go along with it. As you search for someone to install your extensions, always seek out companies that offer free consultations.

Compare Prices.

Once you have honed in on a couple of hair extension hairdressers that you feel you may want to work with, you will need to compare prices from one Chicago hair salon to the next. Hair extensions are not always cheap and the best hair extensions are never the cheapest option. However, this does not mean that you have to go with the most expensive option. Always obtain price quotes and then carefully compare those quotes. Ensure they are using the same installation method, the same amount of hair and the same hair type. From there, you can see who offers the best price. Taking the time to do this will help ensure you don’t overpay to have long, luscious locks.

Consider Personality.

The last factor you should consider when selecting a hair extension specialist is the personality of the hair extension specialist. Applying extensions can be a time-consuming process. And if you wish to have them in your hair for a prolonged period of time, you will need to follow-up with the stylist periodically to maintain them. This means you will be spending several hours with the specialist. If the specialist is awkward or you don’t seem to get along with him or her, this time may drag on. Look for a stylist you can communicate with, have fun with or who will help pass the time, all while transforming your hair.

Letting your hair grow out naturally can take a long time. If you have gotten a haircut you regret or are tired of waiting for your hair to grow on its own, hair extensions can give you the long, full hair you desire. However, the hair extension specialist you select has a huge role in just how beautiful those extensions will look. If the product they use is cheap, or they do not apply them correctly, what you envision in your head may not come to fruition. Taking your time to select the right specialist can help ensure that your dream of long and luscious locks is exactly what you walk out of the hair salon with. Consider these 5 tips when finding the best hair extensions salons Chicago, downtown, River North or South Loop has to offer.

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Stress and Female Hair Loss

Ordinarily, female hair loss is caused by many things women go through on daily basis; they are physiological activities. When these activities grow disproportionately over time, they begin to constitute various challenges including hair loss. But no woman feels good dealing with hair loss for psychological reasons, these are mostly social issues that may present additional stress concern.Stress and Hair Loss

Stress and the Hair cycle

 The head has about 150,000 strands of hair. Of these, about 90 percent are growing at about 1/2 inch every month for about three years before hitting a resting stage that last about four months before they start to fall out and be replaced by new ones. Medically, about 100 strands of hairs are loss daily. From this process of hair growth, rest and loss, hair loss is part of the hair growing process but there are times when the process becomes unbalanced leading to excessive loss of hair. You may have noticed some women having from very little to almost no hair at all. Some women’s hair loss situation can even best be described as balding as you hardly can find sufficient hair on their heads to say they have hair as normal women. 

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are so many possible causes of hair loss in women and one of them is stress. Stress is a condition whereby the body is overworked in some ways that normal procedures of life activities over exerts undue pressure on the body that normal functioning of the body system becomes skewed causing imbalances. Such imbalances may spark a chain of changes in body’s routine physiological functioning causing a disproportionate number of hairs to go into the resting stages at once and in a few months later, the hairs are all shed. When such event occurred, it can be alarming but the reality is that substantial visible hairs are lost.While issues of weight loss, poor diets, thyroid, low iron levels and hormonal imbalances do exert stress on the body, there is the assurance that once these stressors go away, you are set to return to a healthy hair growing cycle on your head, but you need to be careful of your psychological feelings during hair loss times. Doing this it is to avoid brewing social side effect of hair loss. To you take care of the psychological effect; you have the option of hair extension to give you the feeling of no loss hair.Many women settle for hair extension to take care of hair loss but often the challenge is having the right person with the skill to handle hair extension to get you the fuller and perfect hair finishing. Although no salon will admit they make bad hair extension treatment, but only after the job is done that you get to know their level of expertise. However, using hair extension services, particularly human hair extensions will help you navigate the hair loss period.

Hair Extensions can Help

Medically, your hair loss situation will improve and your hairs grow back automatically as the stressors are addressed to take care of the imbalances but in cases where the hair loss is no longer on but in your head, the ensuing psychological issues may hold back the physiological improvement likely to come. It is for this reason you need a competent and professional Chicago Hair Extension salon to give you the kind of hair extension treatment that meets your heart’s desire.

Hair Extensions Specialist Chicago Loves

Hair Extensions Bar, Chicago ILHair extensions are the perfect solution for people with short or thinning hair who want to add length and volume. Instead of waiting months or years for your hair to grow out, why not get the luscious hair you’ve always dreamed of today?Chicago Hair Extensions Salon offers many different types of hair extensions. Check out three of our top picks.

Remy Fusion hair extensions Bar in Chicago

Fusion hair extensions are quickly becoming all the rage! These extensions are used by top stylists for popular celebrities because they’re invisible to the naked eye. Stylists use pre-tipped keratin glue made of protein and fuse it with your natural hair.When you come in for fusion hair extensions, our stylists will match the texture of your natural hair or color it so the extensions can’t be seen. These hair extensions come in 12- to 30-inch options and can last anywhere from four to six months. When that time has passed, just come in to have a stylist remove them and give you new ones. This should be done by a professional so you won’t damage your hair. Need a tweak in the meantime? Our stylists can replace strands at any time.We carry the following reputable brands: Great LengthsSoCapHairdreams and many more. Prices for fusion hair extensions vary. High-quality real hair extensions start at just $150 per bundle. When choosing a hair extensions bar in Chicago, it’s important to go with experienced stylists like ours.

Micro bead hair extensions

Unlike fusion hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions lengthen your hair without glue. Instead, beads are used to lock the extensions in with your natural hair. First, a stylist finds the best areas of your head for links to be attached. Using a special tool, the stylist runs your own natural hair through a small Micro Bead hair extension ring and loops it up toward the scalp while holding it in place. Next, an I-Tip hair extension will be pushed into the same link where your natural hair is placed. Then, the link is brought down from the scalp about one centimeter so there is room for styling. This makes the hair extension invisible. Once both your real hair and the extension are in place, the bead is clamped closed, which locks everything together beautifully. The stylist then repeats this process through different parts of your head.Micro bead hair extensions are real human hair, they look very natural and they can last three to four months. A big benefit of this type of hair extension is that it doesn’t require any heat or chemicals. Another benefit of micro bead hair extensions is that they work great if you’re Caucasian, Asian, Spanish or African American. A potential drawback? If the rings aren’t applied correctly or the wrong type is used, they can be visible. In addition, your natural hair should be at least four to five inches long before getting micro bead hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are gaining popularity amongst top hair professionals because of how natural they look.Each tape-in hair extension is made from human hair. The hair is attached to your scalp through a specialized tape system. Your stylist will use a double-sided adhesive that attaches to your hair invisibly. The hair extension is hand sewn into a seamless base that gently attaches to your own hair. Tape-in hair extensions look so natural that you can even do updos with them!Get started today at our Chicago or Skokie, IL locations.What are you waiting for? Come in to the best hair extensions bar Chicago has to offer today. Talk to one of our friendly stylist about a hairstyle that works right for you.

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Best Bridal Hair Extensions

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5 Reasons Long Hair is Always Fashionable

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Do Hair Extensions Ruin Hair

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Extensions don’t just add to the length of your hair — they also can add volume, which is perfect for thinning, fine or limp hair. With hair that’s as short as 3 inches, you can get beautiful extensions. >Unfortunately, some people still believe myths about hair extensions damage. The truth is, getting hair extensions isn’t painful, and it doesn’t cause damage or breakage of your hair when applied by a qualified stylist. Don’t believe the myths you hear about professional hair extensions. Instead, arm yourself with these facts.

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5 Reasons Men Like Long Hair On Women

Men like long hair on women CNN recently shared research that men are most likely to prefer women with long hair past the shoulders. Guys were asked to rate the same women’s faces based upon short, medium-length, plus super long locks. Males rated ladies with longer hair as more attractive. But is this just an American pop culture phenomenon? Is it just because long hair has been a beauty standard for centuries or are there other reasons too? First of all we have to consider the time and money long hair requires for its maintenance. Read More

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

How do Hair Extensions Work: The Basics

how-hair-extensions-workWith so many celebs fashioning their hairdo, many women wonder how hair extensions work.  Short hair, whether closely cropped into a pixie cute or shoulder-length, is adorable and manageable. However, sometimes you may want longer hair for a temporary or longer amount of time, whether for a big dinner, wedding, meeting, or other major event. In that case, those in the Chicago, Illinois area should consider visiting the Chicago Hair Extension Salon.

Of course, if you’ve never had hair extensions before, you likely have a lot of questions, such as what these extensions are, what they’re made of, what types exist, and how they work. Only then can you decide whether hair extensions are right for you.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Simply put, hair extensions connect to your preexisting hair through various means in order to artificially make your locks longer. These extensions match the exact color of your hair so that no one questions whether or not the hair is real.

These extensions are typically made of real hair, but fake hair is sometimes favored as well. If you don’t have straight hair, you’re not excluded from getting extensions. These come in different textures like wavy and curly. Those that have a Jheri curl or similar style can also get extensions to match.

How Do Extensions Get Put On?

The way that hair extensions works depends on which type that you choose for your head. Some extensions are made to fuse into your hair for a more permanent application. Others are meant for much shorter-term use and can clip right in. You simply place the extensions where you want them and secure them with a clip. You can then remove the clips at the end of the day or night.

What Are the Various Types of Hair Extensions?

Besides hair clips, other types of hair extensions are also available. These include micro bead extensions, fusion, Invisible Tape-In, and sew-in options. Micro bead extensions, also known as micro loops or micro rings, are named such because the stylist attaches the extensions via aluminum rings at the top of your head. Your stylist can hide the rings so that no one can tell that you have extensions. These are somewhat easy to remove and less dangerous than extensions that involve gluing.

As mentioned, with fusion, the stylist uses a cooled or heated tool to permanently attach the extra hair to yours. Sometimes the extensions include keratin to promote natural hair growth. If your hair is already thinning, ask about these as well as cold fusion, which is gentler on your hair. You will have to visit your Chicago salon at least every three months to get fused extensions fixed up. These are very tough to remove.

Invisible Tape-In extensions are similar to clip-on extensions, as you simply apply using a certain type of tape. These extensions can fit your whole head or only a portion of your hair. Invisible Tape-In is temporary and has a lifespan of about eight weeks, but it doesn’t require glue. You can then choose to get the extensions reapplied. You should not try to take out these extensions yourself under any circumstances, and if you don’t want them reapplied, visit a Chicago salon for some aftercare.

Lastly, sew-in extensions, as the name suggests, are sewn into your head for the most permanent and least damaging means of getting longer hair. With this method, the stylist sews in pieces of hair one at a time, typically pulling your hair into a braid and then forming corn rows or another similar style. You can then combine these with hair clips for as much volume and length as you want. However, sew-in extensions are rather permanent.

 Where Can You Get Hair Extensions?


Chicago Hair Extension Salon offers all of the above hair extension options as well as hair weaves, eyebrow threading, hair extension dying, eyebrow waxing, and extension removals. This salon even specializes in post-chemotherapy hair extensions, which may be when you need these the most.

The trained stylists at Chicago Hair Extension Salon have the certifications and experience to give you the best-looking hair that you’ve ever had. Whether you want extensions for the first time, you need your extensions fixed up, or you want to remove these safely and without damaging your hair, make sure to stop by at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.