Hair Extension Options For Your Wedding

Getting hair extensions prior to the wedding is a major decision. However, while it is completely natural for men to want to look their best, it is the bride who should absolutely steal the day. No doubt, there are several factors that go into turning a woman into a beautiful bride but the hairstyle holds a special place. That’s why choosing a hair extension method for a wedding is a big deal.

Wedding Hair ExtensionsIrrespective of the style you are looking for; there is one way to achieve the ideal look without having to put extensive time and energy in trying to grow your locks or work on their health. Moreover, there is no need to apply harmful chemicals to your natural hair in order to achieve a particular look. All you need to do is to find a reliable beauty salon in Chicago for a pair or two of nice hair extensions.

Contrary to the popular belief that hair extensions are only used for adding length, they can be used for adding volume as well. Therefore, adding hair extensions to your wedding hairstyle is always a great idea. Moreover, you do not have to worry that they might look fake, because thanks to the latest technology, you can now find completely natural looking hair extensions.

In order to make your wedding a success, here are a few interesting suggestions on how to use the hair extensions:

· Wedding Hair Extensions Should Consider Proper Color Options

Gone are the days when you had to choose hair extensions of just one color. Now you can choose from a variety of shades or go for multicolor options as well. Now we are not suggesting that you add a plethora of colors to your hair using different shades of hair extensions. Instead, you are advised to use hair extensions, which have different hues of the same color to make the hair extensions look extremely natural. Adding extension a few shades darker and lighter than the original color of your hair is going to give a perfect look to your hairstyle.

· When Curling

You are advised to always curl your hair extensions along with your natural hair. This ensures that your hair extensions are completely mixed with your natural hair. This natural blending between the two will allow you to attain a seamless look, making your hair look completely natural. Same rule applies to the straightening of the hair as well.

· Washing and Conditioning

Washing and conditioning your hair on your wedding day is a given. However, you are advised to treat your hair extensions in a similar manner as well. The procedure can be applied to human as well as synthetic hair extensions. This is a good practice, as it will remove any type of chemical build up your hair extension might have inside them.

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All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

Hair extensions make an important part of the fashion industry. The artificial locks come in various sizes, shapes, and material. With the capacity to bring instant life to a look you want to rock, hair extensions are a very popular choice among women. However, in some cases, they might turn sour with the color fading and the clip-ons coming off your scalp.

Therefore, it is crucial that you opt for the hair extensions that are of high quality and work best for your needs as well. For this, not only should you look for a reputable hair extension salon, but you must also research and gather all the relevant information on the hair extensions.

To make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing hair extensions, here is all you need to know:

1.     Types of Hair Extensions

The first thing you need to know about the hair extensions is that they are available in three different types and you must choose the one that suits you best. These three are as follows:


In this case, keratin attachments are bonded to the hair using ultrasonic waves. They have a shelf life of 3 to 5 months.


Wefts of hair are weaved in by means of thread after your natural hair is braided tightly at the nape. The shelf life is between 6 to 8 weeks.


In this method, double-sided tape is used for attaching customizable wefts to the root of your natural hair. Such extensions have a shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks as well.

2.     Synthetic or Human

The hair extensions may be made up of natural human hair or they can be synthetic. Natural hair is obviously preferred over synthetic in most cases as they yield a more natural look. Moreover, you can treat them just as you treat your natural hair and there is no need for you to take extra care, as is the case with synthetic hair extensions.

3.     Economical and Temporary Option in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins are the best option when it comes to ease of use. You can add the desired volume and length to your locks at any time and place. There is no need for you to go looking for a hair extension salon for this. However, you are recommended to buy the clip-ons from a reliable place. When properly taken care of, the clip-in hair extensions may last for at least two years.

4.     Always check the authenticity

Another important factor that you must take into consideration when buying hair extensions is that they come from an ethically correct source. Avoid the kind of material that comes from the black market as that may be of lesser quality in addition to being obtained in morally incorrect ways.

Since it is impossible to completely trust the details mentioned on the packaging, it is better to opt for a reliable hair extension salon instead. If you are looking for a hair extension salon in Chicago, then visit Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Hair Extension Trends for spring 2017

Hair Extensions Spring 17

As winter has said its goodbyes and spring is already in the air, it is a great time to opt for a fresh change especially for a hair makeover. There are several ways to create a new looking by modifying your hair, but opting for hair extensions is not only a lively and colorful option but also a safe and temporary one. Being temporary, hair extensions allow you to change the style for the next season without having to wait any further. Following are some interesting hair extension trends that you must try this spring:

Pastel Pops

Spring is the season of colors so why shouldn’t you try some on your hair as well, especially when they are in fashion too? Women love to add a little drama and a touch of surprise when it comes to going for a makeover. This is a great strategy as it makes people notice them as well. One great way to do that is to add pops of color in your hair and extensions are the best way to do that.

Our Hair extensions in Chicago allow you to add color to your hair without actually having to apply anything on your natural hair.  Adding pastel tape extensions can even allow you to have a rainbow pastel makeover. This is a unique trend that can be enjoyed by any age group. Whether you add one color to your hair or 4 different shades is completely up to you.

This spring, go Blonde

Spring and summer are the seasons when lighter colors suddenly become a fashion and hair color trends are no different. What better way is there to embrace your lighter side than by going blonde? Moreover, you do not have to destroy your hair’s natural shade by applying chemicals if your hair is a shade or two darker. Hair extensions can take care of it for you. If you are already blonde but want to add volume and length to your hair, then a high quality fusion hair extension will take care of it for you.

Go for the Girl Next Door makeover

Often, women trying to change their look, end up going for a makeover that is too glamorous and may look out of place on a day-to-day basis. While the look may be ‘oh so amazing’ but it only works for some fancy event. Keep those long 24/26 inches hair extensions for the parties and fancy events. They won’t work on a nice spring day.

However, it does not mean that hair extensions are out of the question. In fact, a lighter 14/16 inches of hair extension will work just fine for a nice spring day. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some lighter hair extensions for your casual use. The completely natural look will make people wonder what the secret of your long hairstyle is.

If you are looking for a professional’s suggestion on what the latest hair extension trends are for the spring season, then pay a visit to Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Why Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions

Celebrity Hair Extensions
If you have seen celebrities wear hair extensions, then you probably want to get a similar look. After all, they look so amazing.  You may be in a situation where after cutting your hair you regret doing so. In such instance, hair extensions are to the rescue. Not only with cutting your hair, but some women do also have difficulty growing their hair to appreciable length and yet, they cherish long hair. Again, they have hair extensions to their rescue. You may have thin natural hair, but you like to have your hair look thick, fuller and longer; hey, no need to feel bad about that, you can have what you need with thicker, fuller and longer hair extensions that fit perfect. Read More

Making the Hair Extensions Look Natural

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Many women opt for hair extensions when it comes to achieving a new look for a party or even their wedding. Hair extensions are the preferred method, as they do not carry the risks involved with other methods of changing your hairstyle.

For example, if you only want to experiment with your hair color, applying chemical rich dyes may cause permanent damage to your hair. Similarly, you can always get bored of the new look or you may not like it as much as you thought you would. With any other method, it may be easy to reverse the changes but hair extensions are completely different and safe in this regard.

You must be wondering that if opting for hair extensions is the solution for all the problems, then why are there so many other methods available. The answer is simple—hair extensions may not be able to provide a natural look to your hair. However, this problem can be rectified as well, if you know what to do about it. Here are some tips that will allow you to have hair extensions that will look exactly like your natural hair:

Using Natural Hair

The first step to achieve a natural look even with hair extensions is to go for hair extensions that are made from natural hair. You must always avoid using synthetic hair. Not only do they look fake, but they also require extra care since you cannot use styling tools and heat on synthetic materials without risking their quality.

Choose the Remy Method

Remy is a method of hair extension creation that bundles up the human hair in order to keep the ends and roots of the hair in the right direction. The hair extensions that are created from Remy are mostly free of tangles, as cuticles of the hair are not caught with each other. Apart from allowing a natural look to your hair, this is also the safest and healthiest type of hair extension, as in this method, only one strand is picked at one time.

Seamless Hair Extensions

In this method, professional hair stylists place hothead hair extensions near to the scalp. Since, the hair extensions are not placed close to the hairline in this technique, an illusion is created that these are your natural hair extensions. The hair extensions are applied in the natural hair direction, allowing them to flow with the natural hair. Also, the hair remains safe as there is no usage of chemicals and heating. Therefore, you are advised to go for seamless hair extensions.

Hair Color

Another important factor that makes the extensions look natural is the hair color that you have chosen. When selecting a hair extension, always opt for a hair color that matches the natural color of your hair. This will make the extensions look natural too. If you want to go for highlights, then be careful about the color as well and opt for a shade that will not look too artificial with your natural hair color.

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Choosing the Best Hair Extensions

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Every woman wants to go for a complete makeover every once in a while. It is a very natural desire but requires a number of changes to be made. These changes include getting a haircut, changing your hair color, and opting for other hair treatments. However, there is always a certain amount of risk involved as some of these alterations may damage your hair and some may be a little too permanent.

Therefore, it is better to opt for a safer option that does not cause a lot of damage to your hair and yet allows you to make maximum changes, creating your new look in the best manner. As such, hair extensions are the ultimate answer to all your hair styling problems.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer women the option to add a few inches of length as well as volume to their gorgeous locks without having to expend tremendous time and effort in waiting for them to grow on their own. However, there is a variety of extensions available and making a choice for the first time sometimes becomes a daunting task. Therefore, if this is your first time, you are recommended to get the help of a professional at a reputable hair extension salon. With their help, you can find out what look would suit you best.

Here are some important tips to help you make the right decision when it comes to opting for the most suitable hair extensions:

1.    Opt for Human hair

When you are choosing for hair extensions in Chicago, you are advised to always go for natural human hair instead of synthetic hair extensions. This is important because human hair will last longer and will maintain the natural look of your hair and can be treated as such. For example, you cannot use styling techniques such as ironing and blow drying if you have opted for synthetic hair extensions.

2.    Seamless Extensions

In this method, the hair extensions are added near your head but not onto your hairline. This maintains the illusion that the extensions are your real hair. However, in this method, the hair extensions must be placed to go with the natural flow of your hair. The best part about this method is that it does not require the usage of heat and other tools. This keeps your hair safe from damage and harm.

3.    Matching Hair Extensions with your hair color

When it comes to hair extensions, it is essential to choose the right color that matches your natural hair color. Choose a hair extension salon that offers a variety of options for the color of the hair extensions as that will make it easier for you to choose the right shade. You can also opt for highlights and lowlights in order to add tone and volume to your hair without having to use any chemicals on your beautiful locks.

4.    Hair Extension Maintenance

You must always go for high-quality hair extensions as that will not require extra effort for maintenance purposes. You will only have to make as much effort as you do for your natural hair. Just comb the extension regularly, and wash and treat them with high-quality hair products only. However, you are advised to not sleep while wearing your hair extensions in your hair.

Are you ready to change your look completely? Visit Chicago Hair Extensions Salon for reliable treatment.

Chemical Free Hair Color Options via Hair Extensions

chemical free hair color

Longing to experiment with your hair color? You’re not alone. However, most people have no idea how damaging, the chemicals used for the creation of hair colors, can be for the health of their hair. Some of the most harmful chemicals involved in the formation of hair color are given below:

  • Ammonia—Harsh for hair and leaves it limp and dull and creates a pungent smell that sticks to the hair as well. The chemical is responsible for the weakening of hair by increasing frizz and tangles. Moreover, exposure to this chemical can lead to several problems such irritation of the skin, throat, lungs, and eyes.
  • Resorcinol—It is the most common agent causing allergic reactions. Moreover, it might be toxic for the immune system as well.
  • PPD (para-phenylenediamine)—The chemical is used for creating darker shades. However, the chemical has been reported to be the causative agent of severe tearing up of the eyes, eye irritation, dermatitis, and swelling. As per the EPA warning, long exposure to the chemical can cause convulsions, tremors, renal failure, asthma, gastritis, and even coma.
  • Ethanol Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)—This is used in the process of dye absorption. However, the chemical is responsible for the drying up of hair after coloring.
  • Parabens—This is used for preventing the growth of microorganisms. However, there is little proof of its being successful.

While many companies claim that they use alternative substances to perform the functions of the above chemicals, almost all of them are responsible for causing hair damage in one way or another. Therefore, it is only sensible to look for an alternative method of changing your hair color. Talk to a knowledgeable hairstylist about hair curling techniques after coloring. Many brands, including Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, as well as others make available real hair that contains no additives.

Hair Extensions—A Safe Alternate to Coloring Your Hair

To avoid all the risks attached with coloring your hair and using a hair color filled with harmful chemicals, you can use hair extensions. There are a number of hair extensions prices available in the market at the moment. Each type has its own pros and cons and you must select the one that suits your needs the best. Here is a brief introduction of the different hair extensions:

  • Clip-ins: Ready to wear and easy to manage, this is a great option for those who are looking for a temporary fix. However, they are not the type of hair extension you should be sleeping in, as that will destroy their texture. However, on the up side, they do not require a lot of caring either.
  • Tape-ins: These are a more long-term option. However, you are advised to opt for a professional service at a hair extension salon when choosing this option. This is not a task you should be performing on your own.
  • Sew-in Weaves: This is the perfect option not only for altering your hair color but also its length and volume. However, try to take care of your hair and do not slack off as that can cause damage to your hair.

Are you looking for a professional service to provide you with a new look by adding in a few hair extensions? Try Chicago Hair Extensions Salon for a superior service.

Hair Fusion Extensions

This article is help readers understand our hair fusion extensions in Chicago, a popular method for elongating hair. Have you always wanted long and luxurious locks but couldn’t ever seem to get your short, fine hair to grow out enough? Do you have a special occasion, such as the prom or your wedding, that you’d like to have longer, gorgeous hair so you can wear it in your favorite hairstyle? Do you find that you simply don’t have enough time and/or patience to grow your hair out in time?

hair-fusion-chicagoFusion hair extensions are the answer to this dilemma for the modern, trend-setting Chicago woman who wants gorgeous and natural looking long hair.

Hair Fusion Extension Basics

Fusion hair extensions are so named because the extensions that are applied by a trained hair stylist are “fused” — or bonded — with your natural hair. This gives you the seamless and fluid look and feel of real hair that makes the extension indistinguishable from your own hair. They are designed to bond well with your real locks so that no one will be able to tell that you have extensions.

Fusion Hair Extension Process

Chicago women who want beautiful and luxuriously long hair prefer the fusion hair extension method of obtaining it. Only a hair stylist that has been specially trained and who possesses a great deal of expertise is able to provide satisfactory results. Not only is there a very specific process that must be undertaken to obtain desired results from the hair fusion extension that you expect, the hair stylist must have very steady hands and a superb eye for detail. Due to the intricacies involved in the fusion hair extension process, it is wise to allocate between three and four hours for the hair stylist to complete the job. Clients may also be interested in tape-in extensions.

Your Consultation with the Chicago Hair Stylist

When you meet with the Chicago hair stylist who will be applying your fusion hair extensions, your hair will undergo a thorough assessment. The condition of your hair, as well as its health, thickness, current length and color will all be noted so the right extensions can be prepared for you. During this consultation, the hair stylist will also determine which of the two methods of hair fusion extensions is best for your hair as well as your circumstances. This should not be confused with micro bead extensions.

Two Methods of Obtaining Hair Fusion Extensions

fusion-hair-extensionsIn order to obtain the natural and beautiful results that you are looking for, your professional hair stylist will determine which of the two methods of fusion hair extensions would work best with your hair. They are both explained in more detail below so you can more fully understand the process behind getting these gorgeous locks in Chicago. Regardless of the hair fusion extension method that your hair stylist determines is the best fit for you, the process involves carefully sectioning off the hair. To obtain the best results, each specific section is meticulously fused with the hair extension to give it a natural look.

  • Hot Fusion Method

During the hot fusion method of applying hair fusion extensions, glue is heated to a particular temperature to ensure that the extension forms a strong bond with your hair. The hair stylist carefully applies the fusion hair extension with a glue gun. Due to the possibility of irritation as well as burning of your head and scalp, you will only want someone who is highly trained to apply these hair fusion extensions for you. Choosing a professional will also ensure that you get satisfactory results.

  • Cold Fusion Method

If you have fine hair, then it is likely that your Chicago hair stylist will recommend the cold fusion method for you. Rather than relying on heat and hot glue, the cold fusion method involves your extensions being fused to strands of your own hair using a tiny bead of binder made from a polymer that is keratin based. This bead of polymer binder is typically no bigger than a small grain of rice. However, it forms a very tight bond between the fusion hair extension and your own natural hair.

Care of Your Fusion Hair Extensions

You can expect your hair fusion extensions to last from between three and six months. In order to keep them looking their best throughout this time period, you might need to schedule some maintenance — including tightening — with your Chicago hair stylist. Special care should be taken when you wash and style your hair. Gently washing your hair with the products given to you by your hair stylist can help extend the lifespan of the hair fusion extensions.

Because your hair fusion extensions are specially color matched for your hair, it is not generally recommended that you color your hair. Some exceptions include root touch ups as well as highlights using foils. For hair color that you want all over your head — including your fusion hair extensions — you can go with a darker color but not a lighter one.

Best Hair Extensions Chicago: 5 Tips for Choosing a Hair Extension Specialist

Best Hair Extensions Chicago Offers

Get the Best Hair Extensions Chicago Offers

Are you a woman desiring the best hair extensions Chicago has to offer? Plenty of ladies living in Lakeview, Gold Coast, South Loop or Northshore want to have longer or fuller locks.  With so many hairdressers offering to elongate hair, it’s really smart to understand which methods actually work. Online reviews can’t always be trusted because anyone can create false content to skew opinions. That is why it should be a top priority to seriously know the establishment which will be transforming your appearance. Our salon suggests using these 5 tips when choosing an extensions specialist.

Look for a Certified Hair Extension Stylist.

When a hair stylist attends cosmetology school, they learn how to shampoo your hair, cut it, color it and perm it. However, they do not learn anything about hair extensions. They do not learn how to apply them, what techniques are best for which hair types, how to maintain them or how to cut or color them. These techniques are typically learned through hair extension courses. They may be offered at cosmetology schools or by hair extension manufacturers. Regardless, when you are looking to obtain hair extensions, always look for a stylist or specialist who is certified to apply them using the method you desire. If they are not, they may not properly be applying them, which can shorten the life of the extension and cause damage to your natural hair.

Get Referrals.

Hair Extensions MethodAnother tip for choosing a hair extension specialist is to ask people you know in real life which hair salon they recommend for extensions. Many online review services can be skewed as some companies pay people to post glowing reviews. Asking people, you know in real life who they use and trust will help ensure that the feedback you are receiving is real and not fake. The feedback you receive from friends and family can help you hone in on a hair salon in Chicago for your extensions.

Find One That Offers a Free Consultation.

Hair extensions can do so much for you. Lengthening your hair can transform the shape of your face, give you confidence and make you feel beautiful. But hiring a hair extension specialist is a bit more complicated than hiring someone to cut or color your hair. The costs involved are also significantly more. As such, many salons that offer this service offer free consultations. During this consultation, you have the opportunity to meet with a specialist and discuss them with her or him. You can explain to her what look you are after, what your budget is and how little or much maintenance you are willing to put into maintaining them. Based on that, the specialist should be able to recommend the type of hair extensions and the installation method that is right for you. They should be able to describe in detail why it is the best option for you and give you the opportunity to feel the hair type that they are recommending.

Taking part in these consultations before you obtain hair extensions can be extremely important for you, the customer. You can get a feel for how knowledgeable the specialist appears to be and ensure you are satisfied with the product they are recommending you use. Also, you get the chance to learn about the technique they recommend and research it before you agree to go along with it. As you search for someone to install your extensions, always seek out companies that offer free consultations.

Compare Prices.

Once you have honed in on a couple of hair extension hairdressers that you feel you may want to work with, you will need to compare prices from one Chicago hair salon to the next. Hair extensions are not always cheap and the best hair extensions are never the cheapest option. However, this does not mean that you have to go with the most expensive option. Always obtain price quotes and then carefully compare those quotes. Ensure they are using the same installation method, the same amount of hair and the same hair type. From there, you can see who offers the best price. Taking the time to do this will help ensure you don’t overpay to have long, luscious locks.

Consider Personality.

The last factor you should consider when selecting a hair extension specialist is the personality of the hair extension specialist. Applying extensions can be a time-consuming process. And if you wish to have them in your hair for a prolonged period of time, you will need to follow-up with the stylist periodically to maintain them. This means you will be spending several hours with the specialist. If the specialist is awkward or you don’t seem to get along with him or her, this time may drag on. Look for a stylist you can communicate with, have fun with or who will help pass the time, all while transforming your hair.

Letting your hair grow out naturally can take a long time. If you have gotten a haircut you regret or are tired of waiting for your hair to grow on its own, hair extensions can give you the long, full hair you desire. However, the hair extension specialist you select has a huge role in just how beautiful those extensions will look. If the product they use is cheap, or they do not apply them correctly, what you envision in your head may not come to fruition. Taking your time to select the right specialist can help ensure that your dream of long and luscious locks is exactly what you walk out of the hair salon with. Consider these 5 tips when finding the best hair extensions salons Chicago, downtown, River North or South Loop has to offer.

Read the blog at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon to get more info on our services.

Stress and Female Hair Loss

Ordinarily, female hair loss is caused by many things women go through on daily basis; they are physiological activities. When these activities grow disproportionately over time, they begin to constitute various challenges including hair loss. But no woman feels good dealing with hair loss for psychological reasons, these are mostly social issues that may present additional stress concern.

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress and the Hair cycle


The head has about 150,000 strands of hair. Of these, about 90 percent are growing at about 1/2 inch every month for about three years before hitting a resting stage that last about four months before they start to fall out and be replaced by new ones. Medically, about 100 strands of hairs are loss daily. From this process of hair growth, rest and loss, hair loss is part of the hair growing process but there are times when the process becomes unbalanced leading to excessive loss of hair.


You may have noticed some women having from very little to almost no hair at all. Some women’s hair loss situation can even best be described as balding as you hardly can find sufficient hair on their heads to say they have hair as normal women.


What are the causes of hair loss?

There are so many possible causes of hair loss in women and one of them is stress. Stress is a condition whereby the body is overworked in some ways that normal procedures of life activities over exerts undue pressure on the body that normal functioning of the body system becomes skewed causing imbalances.
Such imbalances may spark a chain of changes in body’s routine physiological functioning causing a disproportionate number of hairs to go into the resting stages at once and in a few months later, the hairs are all shed. When such event occurred, it can be alarming but the reality is that substantial visible hairs are lost.

While issues of weight loss, poor diets, thyroid, low iron levels and hormonal imbalances do exert stress on the body, there is the assurance that once these stressors go away, you are set to return to a healthy hair growing cycle on your head, but you need to be careful of your psychological feelings during hair loss times. Doing this it is to avoid brewing social side effect of hair loss. To you take care of the psychological effect; you have the option of hair extension to give you the feeling of no loss hair.

Many women settle for hair extension to take care of hair loss but often the challenge is having the right person with the skill to handle hair extension to get you the fuller and perfect hair finishing. Although no salon will admit they make bad hair extension treatment, but only after the job is done that you get to know their level of expertise. However, using hair extension services, particularly human hair extensions will help you navigate the hair loss period.

Hair Extensions can Help

Medically, your hair loss situation will improve and your hairs grow back automatically as the stressors are addressed to take care of the imbalances but in cases where the hair loss is no longer on but in your head, the ensuing psychological issues may hold back the physiological improvement likely to come. It is for this reason you need a competent and professional Chicago Hair Extension salon to give you the kind of hair extension treatment that meets your heart’s desire.