Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors Trendy in 2017

hair colors palette hair texture

Summer is here and all the ladies are ready to rock their best hair look at work, around the pool or simply while grocery shopping. This is the time of the year when we are more willing to experiment with hair color. Since 2017 turns to be welcoming anything from natural look to watermelon hair and succulent tones it’s your chance to find your best hair color while being fashionable. We have selected three of the leading trends this year and we challenge you to try them.

The Eternal Blonde

Blonde has ever been trendy and 2017 is no exception. What is new this season is that we will be hearing a lot of new words when it comes to blonde such as smoked taupe, creamy ginger, honey blonde with babylights, etc.


pearlescent hair Pearlescent hair

This pearl shiny finish is suitable for all types of blonde – from gold to platinum. Your hair will look cool and glossy but you might need several visits to your stylist before achieving the final effect.




blonde-gray hair


Even though it is not a new combination the mix of blonde and gray shades with darker, almost black roots is the epitome of modern for 2017. It looks great both on short and long hair.




snow white blonde hairSnow White Blonde

The platinum blonde has been polished and upgraded to look less yellow and more white. Choosing this shade is a commitment in terms of maintenance and preventive hair care but the final result is worth the efforts. If you like the idea of “snow” during the summer heat but prefer more shades in your hair then you can opt for snowlights. These are highlights of pale blonde that make your hair sparkle in the light as if covered with snow.



Baby blonde

In line with the natural look trend baby blonde is taking the stage in 2017. The color is neither too yellow or white, nor bright but looks like naturally growing.

Trendy words for trendy colors

2017 is the year of color combinations and mixtures and the respective words are coined to match the style:


blorange hair colorBlorange 

In line with the trendy blonde blorange is the mix to rock this year. Orange has already won its place onto the hair scene back in 2016 to be overrun by blorange in 2017. The new shade combines blonde and ginger and stands in between the two tones to offer a stunning look.



bronde hair colorBronde

This hair color trend seems to be modern at all times. People love bronde and for good reason – the hair looks blonde in the light and turns chocolate when it’s darker. Two trendy looks with one hairdo – is there something better?





The combination of gray dye and ombre effect is a chic way to add unconventional color to your hair this year. Known as grombre this style is suitable for any hair length.




ronze hair colorRonze

Ronze is a shimmering color that is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. It will light up your complexion. Stylist swear that you can rock this color all year round and not only during summer.




Going natural

Summer of 2017 is the best time for the ladies who prefer a more natural hair look. You can let nature do its work by letting your hair gray or your roots grow and still be part of the modern tendencies.



gray-gray hair colorGray-gray

If you are lucky enough to have your hair gray naturally you will be rocking a trendy hairdo in 2017 without much effort. For the rest – there is dye and purple shampoo several times per week to eliminate any shades of brass or yellow.




overgrown roots hair colorOvergrown roots

The shadow roots were trendy in 2016 but 2017 takes it to a greater length. The distance between the root and the color can be up to five inches and instead of being scorned for not visiting your stylist you will be welcomed as a fashion icon.




nude hair colourNude hair

Nude hair offers a balance between warm and cool tones. It is easy to wear and is quite trendy since neutral colors are flattering to all skin tones.




ultra thin foilsUltra-thin foils

This is for the ladies who would like to do something with their hair but are not fond of big changes. If you have natural brown hair, straight, wavy or curly, several tiny highlights added to it will do miracles. They will not be immediately noticeable but the contrast will make your hair look thicker.

One great way to experiment with hair color is using quality hair extensions. Out stylists at Chicago Hair Extension Salon will gladly assist you on choosing the best nuance, extension method and hairdo that will suit your face.

Source of our images and of more good hair ideas is Good Housekeeping (http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/g3027/best-hair-color-trends/ )

How to Get the Most out of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Information

There is no point in denying that a great hairstyle can transform your look. Some women wake up every morning with beautiful heavy locks, others, however, are not so lucky. Moreover, with every passing day, the density of the hair keeps falling. Although you can try hard to use all the available remedies in the market to cure that, there are still no guaranteed results. Moreover, even if you have healthy hair, there are chances that you will be tired of sticking to the same hair style. After all, experimenting on your hair is considered rather risky.

Hair extensions are an easier way out to cover the lacking of your hair as well as allow you to enjoy unique hairdos without any long-term commitment.

Do you remember how back in the 90s, famous pop stars had started the trend of using showy hair extensions? There had been a lot of criticism by the media as well. However, the hair extension technology has come a long way since then. Now they are considered acceptable and are easily available — not only to the celebrities but also to the general public. If you are tired of your age-old hairstyle and looking for a drastic change, hair extensions are just the thing for you. There are excellent services available in Illinois including hair extension salons in Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg, and Highland Park, IL.

Here are some amazing ways in which hair extensions can help you get a complete makeover:

1.     Adding Volume and Length

Most people think that the hair extensions are only used for adding length. However, they have an equally useful role when it comes to increasing the volume. In fact, hair extensions are an excellent and easy way for adding volume to thin hair. For people who cannot increase the volume of their hair at least in any natural way, hair extensions are the right option.

2.     Braiding

Braids have undoubtedly made a huge comeback. You can see the trend making waves all over the Instagram. However, you will notice that all these braids are impossibly thick and long. If you have been pondering over this mystery, of unexceptionally dense hair then here is the answer—they are using the hair extensions to achieve that look. There is no way to have that kind of braid with your natural hair without one nice extension incorporated with the hair.

3.     Fixing Bad Haircut

Bad haircuts are unavoidable. They range from uneven and choppy layers to having your hair cut way over just one inch. In some cases, it is because of inexperienced hairstylists but that is not the case every time. In fact, some of the experienced hair stylists can make this mistake. At other times, it happens because you fail to explain them what you are really looking for. Whatever the reason behind the mishap, it can be fixed by using hair extensions.

4.     Bring on the Color

Dying the hair is another most common dilemma among women. Constantly coloring your hair requires a lot of time and energy and there is always the risk of damaging the hair, thanks to the heavy amount of bleach and other chemicals present in the hair coloring products. On the other hand, if you are looking to experiment with a funky color to try on your hair, you can always use tape-in or clip-on hair extensions, which are easily available at the hair extension salons in Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg, and Highland Park, IL. The process is not only risk free but is also time saving since it takes only 30 minutes to add a hair extension. You can experiment with different colors without having the fear to remain stuck with it for a few months.

5.     Temporary Bangs

Bangs are among the most popular hairstyles. They keep coming and going away from the fashion trends for hairdos. Despite their immense popularity, the fact remains that bangs are not cut out for every face shape. Add to it their unpredictability in staying in the fashion scene and you will definitely want them on a permanent basis. However, it does not hurt to get a taste of them once in a while either. The problem has been solved by the availability of clip-on temporary bang hair extensions option. Try a style without fearing any kind of commitment.

6.     A ponytail with some Volume

The Arian Grand trademark look has recently become quite popular especially among teenage girls. A high ponytail is in fact a risky look if you do not have the hair volume that is most desirable for it. Not very many people are blessed with thick voluminous hair. However, you do not have to worry anymore if you want to rock this kook at a party but the number of locks on your head is not agreeing with your wishes. Add in a few hair extensions and your voluminous ponytail is sure to make waves at that party!

7.     Beautiful Curls

There is a general misconception among the public that all the models they see on the runway are naturally blessed with amazing hair. They see a woman walking the ramp with log and heavy curls hugging her around the body and they get impressed beyond reason since they think they cannot have the same look. Here is a surprise—those locks there are hair extensions and you can have them too! No need to curse your straight hair anymore if they do not curl, just get yourself a nice curly hair extension.

8.     Glamorous Up do

Most women wear their hair in an easy style that becomes their signature look. However if there is a party and you want to look different you would not go for your routine hairdo. What you can do, however, is opt for a classic yet glamorous look with a nice up do. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get that look if you have thin and fine hair. No need to worry though! You can have instant volume and a glamorous up do with clip-in hair extensions.

So are you ready to buy some hair extensions to rock at the next big event? Get an appointment with Chicago hair extensions salon for the perfect product to match your hair color and texture.

How to Care For Hair Extensions

Learn Tips for Hair Extensions.

Knowing how to care for hair extensions can help your new strands have a longer life. Be it glue-in extensions or keratin bond extensions, women in Chicago, IL love hair extensions. The reasons why women throughout the world wear hair extensions may vary from the increased length and volume of their hair using the extensions, to the number of colors they are available in.

With a variety of textures to choose from, hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the years. According to a study in 2016, the global hair extension market itself is worth $1.4billion. With so much money invested in hair extensions, people would certainly love to know how to make these extensions last longer.

Read on to find out some tips to keep in mind if you have hair extensions and would love to reap their benefits to the full potential.

Hair Extensions Care Includes Brushing

It won’t be incorrect to say that brushing your extensions is as important as brushing your teeth. Additionally, investing in the right kind of brush for your extensions is also essential. Generally, in order to detangle your hair without breaking it all off, a Looper brush or soft brittle brush is recommended. It is important to brush extensions as gently as possible to prevent irreversible frizz and damage.

Cautious Washing

Washing hair extensions can be tricky. First of all, you must ensure that your hair extensions are completely detangled before you wash them. Even though your extended hair won’t become as dirty as your real hair, it is still essential to wash them at regular intervals to ensure that they remain properly maintained.

It is also vital to be gentle in the process as tender care must be taken while brushing them. Tangled hair can be prevented by washing small portions or strands of your hair at a time and shampooing and rinsing them in a downward motion. If the hair is still tangled after washing, a wide toothed comb may be used.

Hair Extensions Care

It is also a great idea to tilt your hair back while washing it if you use non-removable hair extensions. Usually, flipping your over your head to wash it can tangle the extensions and turn your hair into one big frizzy mess.

Conditioning is Crucial

Investing in a good conditioner which suits your hair extensions is one of the most important parts about owning clip-ins. A leave-on conditioner should preferably be used for your new hair. Following the same downward motion used during washing, apply the conditioner to the hair extensions and use a suitable brush to remove any tangles.

It is never a good idea to apply too much conditioner to hair extensions. If you use an inappropriate product for your hair extensions or condition them too much, your hair extensions will most likely become dull and dirty much faster than usual. There will also be relatively more tangles in the hair extensions if over-conditioned.

Know Your Extensions

Finding out whether your extensions are made of human hair or synthetic hair is important. The maintenance of both kinds of extensions can vary greatly. In case your hair extensions are made of synthetic hair, it is quite likely that dying or excessive brushing will damage them. Human hair, on the other hand, can be styled in a multitude of ways which is another reason why it is growing into the preferred choice for extensions.

You should make it a point to avoid tying your hair in tight knots or pulling too hard. Not only does this apply to both synthetic and human hair extensions, but you should also be careful if you have a habit of rough treatment of your natural hair. Wringing and tying hair very tight can easily damage both extensions and natural hair and should be avoided at all costs. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid contact of direct sunlight with your extensions since this may damage the hair and the bonds. Give a call to Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, serving downtown, South Loop, Lincoln Park, as well as Logan Square, Bucktown to schedule a 100% hassle free consultation.

A Hair Salon Is Still Your Best Friend

Even though styling and dying is possible and very fun to do with synthetic hair extensions, it isn’t recommended for you to do any of these at home. If you feel like dying or cutting your hair with extensions, make sure you visit a beauty salon.

It is also important to visit a hair salon if you notice shedding since the problem may lie with your hair extension bonds. Unless you are a professional with all the right tools, you should always go to a properly equipped hair salon instead of trying to redo your hair at home because the risk involved with hair extensions is too great.

Air Drying

Using heat to dry your hair extensions is as dangerous as it would be for your natural hair. It is important to let hair extensions dry naturally since the excessive heat may cause damage and frizz.

However, if you still wish to blow dry your hair every once in a while, it is a good idea to dry the bonds of the hair extensions using the lowest heat setting possible before you continue styling the rest of your hair. This ensures that your extensions do not break or shed due to the styling. Naturally, you should also avoid the use of flat irons on your bonds to prevent the bonds from getting sticky and damaged.


If you are not using your hair extensions, it is important to keep them stored carefully so that they can be used in the future. Unused extensions can become dirty and tangled. It is, therefore, important to clean and store your extensions to ensure that you won’t have to spend money again in case you need to use them.

If you too love extensions and would like to know more about them, visit a hair salon in Chicago, IL today to let professional beauticians and stylists guide you through the process.

Top 5 Benefits of Real Hair Extensions That You Must Know

Real Hair Extensions Chicago, IL

If you have trouble growing your hair out or want to add more volume, then going for hair extensions is the right call. It is common wisdom that your hair shapes your face. But not just your face, your hair actually accentuates your entire look. Hair extensions are painless and require less effort in this regard.

Women turn to extensions to solve their hair problems because they are an instant way to get longer, thicker and more luscious hair. You can change your entire look with the right hair extension. These extensions will be glued or woven into your head and will be essentially an investment. This is why you have to be careful about what type of product you choose.

Real Hair Extensions Colors

There are two types of hair extensions you can get: synthetic and real. Synthetic hair is composed of low grade acrylic that is processed to look like natural hair. Imagine that on your head. Not a pretty picture right? Real hair is made from actual human hair, so they have all of the makings and appearances of natural silky hair.

If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, then you might be confused about whether to pick synthetic or real hair. Many women go for real hair for various reasons but here are the top 5 things that make women choose real hair extensions over synthetic ones.

They Give You a Natural Appearance

Synthetic hair wigs are basically plastic fiber that looks like hair strands. It doesn’t quite have the quality and appearance that real hair has. Your hair extensions are all about making your hair look Instagram gorgeous. Real hair extensions like Chicago Hair Extensions can easily blend with your natural hair and have a more realistic texture.

Real Hair Extensions to Choose From

There are a variety of different real hair extensions you can choose from. Since the hair is real, they give you a sleek look with a smooth finish. You can choose from a range of colors and textures at the Chicago Hair Extensions and improve your whole look. Ombre is very popular these days.

Real Hair Stands the Test of Time

If you are going to spend your money and effort into getting extensions, then they should last you a long time. The Chicago weather can take a toll on your hair which may cause you to use a lot of products. Since synthetic hair is, well, synthetic, they will get damaged by traditional hair products. They are more likely to start fraying or lose their sleek texture if you wash them again and again.

By comparison, real hair extensions from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon can last up to six months, even with the washing. You just have to treat them with care.

Style Them As You Like

Having real hair extensions means that you can treat them like real hair. You can straighten, curl or blow dry them to get any style you want. You cannot apply these heating tools to synthetic hair because it will melt.

Worth the Cost

It is no doubt that real hair extensions are expensive. But what makes them the best choice for hair extensions is that they pay off in the long run and actually help you save money. You don’t have to spend much to maintain their look plus they last longer. All of these things give you more ease and options when it comes to your hair extensions.

You can go and consult with the hair experts of Chicago Hair Extensions serving Skokie, near Schaumburg, IL North Shore to learn more about what extension is right for you.

Hair Extensions: The Miracle Makeover

Makeover with Hair Extensions
Makeover with Hair Extensions

Finding a new look can be an extremely rewarding experience with many benefits. A dramatic head-to-toe makeover from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon will help you look and feel more beautiful. After improving your makeup, clothing, and hair, you will glow with true inner confidence. Your vibrant energy will attract positive experiences into your life. Getting a full makeover is one of the most helpful things you can do to bring yourself more happiness.

Hair Extensions Can Change Your Looks

One of the keys to getting a new look you adore is to assess the parts of your current look that you want to improve. What is it about yourself that you want to change? Think about your hair, makeup, body, and clothing style. Search for inspiration for what would make you feel and look your best. Maybe you want a more sophisticated wardrobe or even longer hair. Any kind of transformation you can imagine is definitely possible. With advances in the beauty industry like hair extensions and plastic surgery, the sky is the limit. Focus on being brave when you undergo your changes. You will not regret it! Of course, your extensions will need care-especially when it comes to sexy and intimacy

Makeover with Great Lengths Hair ExtensionsChange Your Looks Instantly

Here are some things to consider when doing your makeover: What is the condition of your skin? Do you have fine lines that you would like to erase? You can do this by choosing a better diet full of healthy fats, getting an exfoliating facial, and by using skin creams that are beneficial to your skin. Also, choosing the right makeup can take years off of your face.

A Makeover that Turns Heads

Next, think about whether you are satisfied with your body. Would you benefit from working out more or eating in a more healthful way? You can put in place a new exercise routine and a healthier diet as a part of your transformation.

Then, consider what sort of style you would like to have. Do you aspire to look more sophisticated and chic? Choose clothing that accentuates your best physical attributes. Do you have amazing arms? Pick clothing to show them off. Choose colors that complement your skin and hair tones. Also, keep in mind the type of lifestyle you have. If you spend a lot of time in nature, then your wardrobe should have an ample supply of outdoor gear. If you work in a corporate environment, then stock up on professional-looking outfits. Also, consider what sort of image you want to convey to the outside world. Let your personality shine through!

Go Bold with Your Makeover

The most important thing when it comes to your miracle makeover is your hair. Your hair says a lot about who you are as a person. Even if you have short, choppy hair, you can alter your entire look! In this situation, extensions are definitely the way to go. If you want lengthy, luxurious, locks, go for it!

In only one appointment, you can gain the hair you’ve always wanted! Two of the most popular methods of putting in extensions are Fusion Hair Extensions and Micro Bead Hair Extensions or weaves. These extensions are made of 100% real human hair. Both are excellent choices if you lust after long locks. Extensions are very versatile. You can choose super-long ones or just enough to thicken and lengthen your hair a little bit. The process of U-Tip Hard Keratin Bonding adds a supreme amount of volume to your mane. This ends up feeling awesomely luxurious. You can also color them like they are your own hair. Extensions are extremely realistic and natural looking, so consider them for part of your makeover.

When it comes to getting a makeover, be confident in changing your look into something you’ve always dreamed of. Getting new makeup and clothes, losing weight, and transforming your hair can bring you an abundance of confidence and happiness. Our hair extension specialists in Chicago can provide a free consultation. Stop by our Skokie, IL North Shore Hair Salon serving Schaumburg, Highland Park, North Shore and Chicago, IL.  Whether you’re traveling from South Loop, Downtown Chicago or Gold Coast, we can give you the hair extensions makeover miracle you have always wanted. 

What Is the Cost for Hair Extension Options

Hair Extensions Care
Hair Extensions Care

Hair extensions are often considered an expensive alternative but in reality, the price is subjected to high degree of variation. This significant variation in the cost of hair extension depends on a number of different factors. These factors include the quality and type of hair, length and amount, and the method used for hair extension application. Another major factor on which the cost of hair extensions depends is that of time. For example, if the method of hair extension application is time intensive, then the cost will likely be high as well.

Factors Affecting the Hair Extensions Cost

In order to make it easier for you to estimate the correct cost of the hair extensions, the factors are discussed in detail below:

  1. Length and Amount of Hair
    The longer the hair and the more in quantity they are, the higher will be the cost that you will have to pay for the hair extensions. What length and amount is suitable for you will depend on the natural length and quantity of your hair. Also, if you are looking for longer locks, then the price will be higher than what you will be made to pay for shorter or even medium length hair extensions.
  2. Hair Extensions Quality
    The quality of the hair extensions plays an important role in determining the cost. For example, Remy hair extensions that are considered the most high-end option are also rather expensive. The reason for their high value is that they are made from authentic Indian human hair, which has a cuticle that stays intact as the cuticle remains outside of the hair strand. There are several other types of human hair as well that are considered valuable. These include Spanish, Malaysian, and Brazilian.
    When you go shopping for hair extensions, you will naturally go for the one that looks full and healthier. You will find some retailers selling Indian hair extensions but you must be aware of them as they might be of poor quality and might not make a good bargain even if they offer you really cheap prices. One way to find out that the hair extensions are of cheap quality is to check their texture. If they look stringy and dry, then chances are that they are made of substandard quality.
  3. Location
    Another factor that determines the cost of the hair extensions is where you are getting them from. If you will buy them from larger cities, chances are they will be more expensive as compared to being purchased from smaller cities. The reason behind this difference is simply that the larger cities have higher operating costs. However, this may not be the case with every beauty salon but you will have to look for the appropriate option in a big city.
  4. Durability
    Just like other commodities available in the market, some hair extensions are more durable than the others. The longer lasting the hair extensions are, the higher will be their cost. But they will last longer and might save you money in the long run. Therefore, you must make this decision according to your needs.

Are you in need of a good beauty salon to get hair extensions in the Chicago area at reasonable prices? Then visit Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Why Using Hair Extensions Is a Good Option

real human hair extensions
real human hair extensions

Women are often found complaining about their thin hair. Another popular regret is that the hair do not grow at the right pace. Now these are universal hair problems. Unless you are among the few lucky ones who have it all sorted out for them naturally, chances are that you would know of these issues as well. Whenever there is a problem, there is almost always an interesting solution as well and in the current situation, the best way to deal with such hair problems is to get hair extensions.

Are you still unsure of whether you need hair extensions or not? Look at the following logical reasons why opting for hair extensions just might be a good option for you:

1. For Length

The biggest regret of women is that their hair does not grow past a certain length. Now even though shorter hair keeps coming back in fashion, it is only natural for the females to sometimes want to boast long locks. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then hair extensions are the right option for you.
Another situation where hair extensions may sound like an appropriate option is when you find yourself at the receiving end of a bad haircut. That is one horror story we all had been through at least once in our lives where a little trim somehow turns into a pixie haircut. If you find yourself hating your new look, then you should go for hair extensions as they are bound to solve the problem easily.

2. Color

Another major reason for which you should be opting for hair extensions is for trying a new hair color without having to apply harmful chemicals on your natural hair. Moreover, you might not be sure which color will suit you better so you can check that by using hair extensions before dying your hair in that color. From highlights to lowlights, you can experiment with your look to your heart’s content without worrying about the damage at all. No hassles and long-term commitment involved!

3. For Volume

If you are not satisfied with the volume of your hair and you find them thinning out, hair extensions can do wonders to enhance your look. Not only will you look beautiful but it will definitely improve your confidence level as well.

4. For trying a New Style

Most women want to experiment with their looks and changing your hair is a great way to do just that. However, it is indeed a risk to make permanent changes to your hair. Therefore, it is recommendable that instead of going for a risky haircut or coloring your hair bubblegum pink, you try using hair extensions to determine which style suits you best! The options, you know, are endless!

If you are not ready to take chances with your hair and yet you want to experiment with your look, then hair extensions are definitely for you. Find the best hair salon services in Chicago at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Tape-In Extension — All You Need To Know

hair colors palette hair texture
hair colors palette hair texture

Do you want to get hair extensions and are looking for the one that will suit you best? Are you looking for an option that is the most convenient and the fastest that will also provide you with a major beauty boost? If this sounds like you, then tape-in extensions are the best option for you. Most importantly, the option works best if you are looking to improve the length and volume of your hair.

Are you ready to get tape-in hair extensions? We recommend you read on to find out all the benefits provided by tape-in extensions before you make the final call. Here are some to help you:


One of the biggest problems with hair extensions is that they may end up looking fake. Tape-in extensions solve this problem by being undetectable. The clear adhesive is responsible for hiding their presence. They are good enough to remain hidden even when you tie your hair in a ponytail. This makes them the perfect choice for women with thin to medium hair density.

Application of different Shades

Most women have more than one shade in their hair, which makes it impossible to go for only one shade of hair extensions for every woman. Therefore, it is better to apply a number of shades on different parts of the head, ensuring various layers of the hair are dealt with accordingly. Tape-in extensions make the best method for this purpose.

Easy Usage

Tape-in extensions are easy to use. However, you are recommended to opt for reputable hair extensions salons to have tape-in extensions fixed in your hair. Once you become used to them, you will find them to be the best option for hair extensions.


Maintaining tape-in extensions, however, requires a bit of effort on your part. Being more on the permanent side of the hair extensions option, the upkeep of tape-in extensions should be done after every 5 to 8 weeks. You must go to a hair extensions salon for their removal and reapplication safely. If you will try to keep them for more than 8 weeks, they are bound to slip out. They might start showing as your hair starts growing out as well.

Color Options

Are you looking to experiment with your look to the point of getting a totally weird hair color? It might be because of the latest fashion or you need to play a particular role in a play but you need a particular hair color. Yet, of course, you do not want to be stuck with it on a permanent basis. In such a case, tape-in extensions are the perfect choice for you. We recommend you go for the colorful tape-in extensions to get the color you are looking for. Once you are done with look, you can always remove them and then reuse them later as well.

Are you ready to get tape-in extensions in your hair? Hire the services offered by Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Hair Extensions — the pros and cons

beautiful long hair
beautiful long hair

Hair extensions are a great option if you are looking to change your look without taking a lot of risk. With the recent advancements in technology, you can get the type of hair extensions that look real and are completely undetectable.

Yet, despite having so many advantages, hair extensions might have a few disadvantages as well. Therefore, no matter how many advantages there are of getting hair extensions, you must always make sure that you are getting the right quality material. If you will neglect the matter of quality, it might create a number of problems for you in the future. These issues include tangling, matting, and shedding and these will make you want to never wear the hair extensions again.

While such problems may sound like a lot of nuisance, they can be avoided simply by opting for high quality hair extensions. If you are finding yourself at a loss when it comes to deciding to either opt for hair extensions or not, then read the pros and cons of hair extensions to come to a decision.

Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

For your convenience, we have described the pros first and then dealt with the cons of getting hair extensions. Read on to make your decision:

Pros of getting hair extensions

  • You can have length added to your hair
  • It allows you to add color to your hair without having to use any chemicals on your hair
  • You can experiment with your look drastically without having to risk much
  • It is perfect for events such as weddings and parties where hair extensions will give you more quantity of hair for styling
  • If you will opt for the right method of getting hair extensions, your hair will not get damaged either
  • You can finally get a head full of hair that you had always fantasized about
  • It blends with your hair rather naturally
  • They are undetectable if worn properly

Cons of getting hair extensions

  • Getting the hair, having it installed, cutting, and maintaining it will be cost you some money
  • You will have to work on maintaining your hair extensions as well. You can’t just leave them uncared for
  • While having more hair on your head is considered a good thing, it may not seem so when you will have to style them
  • Getting used to wearing the hair extensions might take some time. For a newbie, it might make you r head feel heavier for 1 to 3 days at least.

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, hair extension are not only safe to use, they are also effective and make you feel and look beautiful. All you have to do is be careful when choosing the method of installation and the hair salon. If you are looking for a reliable service in the Chicago area that can provide you with safe and beautiful hair extensions, then opt for Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

Hair Extension Options For Your Wedding

Getting hair extensions prior to the wedding is a major decision. However, while it is completely natural for men to want to look their best, it is the bride who should absolutely steal the day. No doubt, there are several factors that go into turning a woman into a beautiful bride but the hairstyle holds a special place. That’s why choosing a hair extension method for a wedding is a big deal.

Wedding Hair ExtensionsIrrespective of the style you are looking for; there is one way to achieve the ideal look without having to put extensive time and energy in trying to grow your locks or work on their health. Moreover, there is no need to apply harmful chemicals to your natural hair in order to achieve a particular look. All you need to do is to find a reliable beauty salon in Chicago for a pair or two of nice hair extensions.

Contrary to the popular belief that hair extensions are only used for adding length, they can be used for adding volume as well. Therefore, adding hair extensions to your wedding hairstyle is always a great idea. Moreover, you do not have to worry that they might look fake, because thanks to the latest technology, you can now find completely natural looking hair extensions.

In order to make your wedding a success, here are a few interesting suggestions on how to use the hair extensions:

· Wedding Hair Extensions Should Consider Proper Color Options

Gone are the days when you had to choose hair extensions of just one color. Now you can choose from a variety of shades or go for multicolor options as well. Now we are not suggesting that you add a plethora of colors to your hair using different shades of hair extensions. Instead, you are advised to use hair extensions, which have different hues of the same color to make the hair extensions look extremely natural. Adding extension a few shades darker and lighter than the original color of your hair is going to give a perfect look to your hairstyle.

· When Curling

You are advised to always curl your hair extensions along with your natural hair. This ensures that your hair extensions are completely mixed with your natural hair. This natural blending between the two will allow you to attain a seamless look, making your hair look completely natural. Same rule applies to the straightening of the hair as well.

· Washing and Conditioning

Washing and conditioning your hair on your wedding day is a given. However, you are advised to treat your hair extensions in a similar manner as well. The procedure can be applied to human as well as synthetic hair extensions. This is a good practice, as it will remove any type of chemical build up your hair extension might have inside them.

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